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Monday, June 10, 2013

Back and BETTER than ever

Hello Sweet blogosphere,

I hope this post (5 months in the making) finds you all very well.  I have decided to return to this page and pick up where I last left you.  Many times I have wanted to write.  Many, MANY times I have jumped for joy yet could bot put my fingers to the keyboard.  My mind, it would seem, needed a break.  A break from talking surrogacy...if only for a while.

Back in December (as you know) I gave birth (in a most spectacular manner) to two of the loveliest human beings.  I am  in SHOCK as I tell you they are 5 days shy of their half-birthday!!!  I am literally the HAPPIEST person alive in part because 3 parents, 5 grandparents and many cousins, aunts, godparents and friends are living in a brighter world.  I am happy to say my life is richer and my horizons are broader because of 2 remarkable families.  I am content to move on from this era of my life knowing I have fulfilled one of my callings, to help create a family (or 2) by way of surrogacy.  Though I may never again be pregnant, I will always know 4 sweet things are babbling, getting food on the carpet, potty training, saying mama and dada in part because my family and I said YES to these most amazing journeys.

ALSO, I would just like you to know that if I could I would post these babies MOST amazing, and handsome daddy...Some of the best shots are of the three of them.  Some things a girls just gets to keep to herself:-)

Here are some pics of the kiddos:
A table by the window

Waiting for Santa


Happy Valentines with Catchen C
Face to face

Grins all around

I'm guessing wrestling :-)

So serious
Happy Catchen

First solid foods :-)

Linnea and Marius on Constitution Day in Norway
Cannot believe these dearies are 2+ years old!

When I look back I can't believe this even happened.  It really feels more like a VERY good dream to me now.  The kids are not here (obviously) but I am reminded by sweet texts that they are here...and thriving.  Also my belly still has that dark brown line down the middle reminding me that not too long ago it was occupied.

A lot is going on with the Bowyers right now.  Have a look-

I've lost nearly 45 lbs since delivery, had my braces removed, finished another semester of school, started a job, and died my hair a flaming RED.  Also, I turned 32 in May.

Shane is continuing in his studies to earn his PhD in Psychology.  He's challenging me to get fit and stay fit!  He works very hard counselling women and children who have escaped (temporarily) from domestic violence situations.  He turned 35 in May.

Cake for breakfast!

 Brennan finished the 3rd grade, placed second in his school spelling bee, and got a Brohawk:-)

Hudson completed the first grade, made LOTS of new friends,and got a cool hair cut too!

My dearest Halle graduated from Pre-K (sniff, sniff).  Here she is with her two WONDERFUL teachers.  She won the "Fashion Forward" award :-)

Thanks for reading...for following along...for choosing surrogacy,equality, and love.  I'll post more pics as they come.  Much love-