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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some Unexpected Non-Support...

So most that know me know that I tend to be on the adventurous side...I go against the grain and the norm (especially the conservative norm). While I am this way I have generally been surrounded by many supportive people. These people have encouraged my creativity and boldness and been my fans in life. Recently I am finding that this is simply not the case with Surrogacy. Though many of my friends and family love me, there are some who are becoming standoffish and even distant and I am certain it is because of their concern for me..there are some, however that just think this whole thing is weird, unconventional and even WRONG!

I want to say to those that are this way that it is okay to ask questions..to be concerned. This is uncharted territory for many but let me put your mind at ease. I have prayed for and dreamed of this opportunity for almost 2 years. I am not unknowingly letting strangers place their baby inside me. I have weighed the pros and cons and to be honest I see no cons. Here is what I see:

A. A childless family has hope for a baby and they have just been given some of the greatest news of their lives.

B. An amazing chance for me to show generosity and love to a family I don't even know.

C. I have a chance to teach my children about selflessness.

D. I get to be pregnant again!!!! This is a dream of mine!! I get to do this but I don't have to bring a baby home...YAY!

E. I and my family will watch as God gives his gift of love through me to His children. What a pleasure to be His vessel.

I encourage those of you who are unsure to ask yourself why? Infertility is a sickness just like a cancer. There are options...choices. Chemo and radiation isn't for everyone. Some choose to change their diet or use stem cells or bone marrow or transplants. All of these are invasive but when it comes down to life and dreams people will not all choose the same course of action. Some infertile couples choose in-vitro, some adoption, others resign that they will never be parents. Many conservative Christians think that God made a couple infertile and doesn't want them to have a child so it is like playing God to give them one. Is it playing God if they adopt? They will still be raising a child. I choose to look at science as a gift. We are now given the chance to live with the common cold when just over 100 years ago men, women and children died from it. No one says we are playing God because we take an antibiotic to save our life. We can live with diabetes, allergies, brain disorders and so many other things. Please educate yourselves. I have and I am so excited to see how this miracle turns out.

To those of you that have supported me with your kind words, THANK YOU!!! It really means so much to know that you are out there:)

One final note...I meet my couple on Monday. They have been married for sometime and tried many options to no avail. They are thrilled to meet me on the phone and then in person in May when they come to the States. Did I mention they are from Norway???? This really is very exciting.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I've Been Matched

Today is a very exciting day!!!! I chose an international couple to work with a few days ago. I have had much time to think and pray and process and have been anxiously waiting to hear back and see if they approved my profile. I got the call just now that they loved me and are ready to get started. Because the woman is older they are using an experienced egg donor. She will be ready within the next 2 months for the transfer. HELLO!!!! Pregers in a matter of weeks.

Please pray for me, this couple and all of our families that the logistics would be smooth and that this process will be rewarding for us all. We should be meeting shortly. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Application, check. Records, check. LA, CHECK.

So, my journey began nearly 2 years ago. I was pregnant with our third baby, Halle, and a friend of mine unexpectedly lost her own little girl at 37 weeks. I was heartbroken as I raised our sweet daughter and watched her grieve for her own. A few months later I began to hear about surrogacy agencies. I filled out an application but because I lacked information I withdrew. Exactly one month ago yesterday I saw an advertisement online for "No Wait Surrogacy" and I knew this time I was informed and ready. I filled out my online application and within four days I received an e-mail saying I was approved. The next day I had a phone interview with Michelle (she is wonderful) and just like that I was on my way...All in one weeks time.

After our conversation it was up to me. I had to dig through my entire medical history and gather documents on any surgery, treatment or birth for pre-approval of Surrogacy insurance. I contacted all my physicians, signed release forms and waited. Within a week and a half I had all of the necessary documentation prepared and sent off. I was approved within a few days and Michelle and her team booked flights and a hotel for Shane and I to make our first trip out to LA.

What a whirlwind...While we were there I was psychologically screened by their professional and then I was sent to the Reproductive Specialist, Dr. Kolb. Everything was very straight forward...blood tests for Shane and I, a urine test from me and a trans vaginal Sono-gram to make sure these babies will take. That is where we are now. Waiting...

I am expecting to be fully cleared by the beginning of next week and have a profile of a couple in need in my inbox. Shane and I are thrilled and we both believe this is an amazing opportunity to show God's love to others. Until next week...