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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Match is on...Here we go!

March 19,2010 and August 25,2011...What do these two dates have in common?  These are the days that I was given word that a Match would be taking place.  These are two of the most special days I can remember.  Up until this point in my journeys I have been working hard to get all my ducks in a row..medical clearance, insurance, schedules...waiting!  Yesterday this journey officially began.  It was no longer just me saying yes, he said yes too!  I have thought and re-thought about what I wrote in my introduction letter to him and my profile...I wondered if the pictures of me and my family, he received, would say all that I wanted them to..."You can trust me", "My family is complete and we are happy to help you with yours"...what  would he think of me?  What is he expecting???

I am so happy to report that after he read my profile and introduction he called GG back right away and said it's an overwhelming YES!  He said he is so excited to meet Shane and I and is eager to begin our relationship and push forward together.   Phew...I can't believe it.  I want to say like Sally Field famously said: "You like me, you really like me".  Maybe I'll save that for the match meeting:)

Shane and I fly out this Thursday for a Friday morning meet with the Psychologist.  I must admit that I am very nervous.  When we met E & S, we had already spoke logistics over the phone and while we were strangers we had already given the go ahead to Match before we ever met.  This time the pressure is on.  What if he likes me on paper but in person he just doesn't feel it...or vice verse...I am so hopeful that when we awkwardly sit down and face each other for the first time we both just know we'll be instant friends.  That is what I really want in this journey.  This was the initial reason I ever looked into surrogacy.  I wanted to help those who were hurting as many of my friends back home were.

We will go over plans/goal/preferences and much more and then most likely will head out in LA to eat.  "T" lives in LA so he should know somewhere great to go.  That will be it...after that I wait again to see if he does indeed want to move forward to contracts and transfer.  I am hoping this is perfect!  GG does a great job of matching so I am optimistic and to be honest a little giddy:)  Here is to a great meeting and a fantastic journey...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Moving forward and Memory lane...

Just FYI, I did fly to LA for my medical screening last week.  This is the final step before I "match", for my second journey, and then it is off to meeting and contracts and transfers, O My!
 I am waiting for medical clearance and then I will know for sure how we are proceeding..It shouldn't be too much longer before I can fill you all in on my next steps.  I have already recieved a profile and I literally cannot wait to get this journey started.  This is really a very special part of the surrogacy for me...Looking at the profile, the pictures, the hopes and dreams of the intended parents..it is all so intimate, genuine and hopeful.  I literally want to jump right through my computer screen and say, "Hey, haven't you heard???  My uterus has a 100% success rate; let's get this party started!"  But hey not every hopeful parent wants to know me that well right up front:)))

In unrelated news, one year ago yesterday, I found out that I was carrying two babies...I remember not being shocked as I really knew all along they would both probably stick...I remember wondering "What will E & S think?  Will they be happy?  Nervous??" Today a year later I don't have to wonder at all.  I know they are elated with their new family and I am filled with and spewing over pride that I had a hand in it all.

 I love you "P" Family..and I think of you all the time:)))  No one could ever replace you all in my heart!

And because I am a huge sap, how about a stroll down memory lane...

I wonder which ones are L & M?
Where the Magic Happened

Um, duh!  Couldn't wait to make the call:)

2 babies!!!  EEEK!

13 weeks

The reveal...
Sweet Girl

Um,  yes...boy:)

28 weeks
Baby Day 

1 month old

It was all worth it...Aren't they delicious?