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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ok, I feel you already:)

So these babies are growing by the day.  Yesterday my ticker said they were 10 inches long, today 10 and1/2.  It has really started to sink in that these babies are going to get quite alot bigger and to accomodate, so will I!  I am ready and willing to embrace this although I already feel about 7 months along.  I ran into several people today that so encouraged me.  An old friend, an elderly couple I used to attend church with as a child and several others.  There have been so many days in the previous months where I felt all alone in this journey and then yesterday I realized that simply was not the case.  Yes there were thos in a plcae I'll not mention, that were so incredibly cruel and lacked understanding and care...I cynically assumed that was the opinion of the whole Christian community or at least a majority of it.  Wow, have I been proven wrong.  Not only is that not true it is false.  Most of you that live and breathe are so supportive.  You have touched me with your questions and excitement.  I get so used to this miracle but those who see me infrequently remind me just how amazing these little lives are.  SO thank you for helping me to forgive those who have intended harm to me and my family.  Thank you for saying kind words instead of ridiculuing me or this family.  The mom and dad of these angels are waiting anxiously for the healthy delivery of their new lives.  You are making it possible for me to believe again.  To speak boldly about my choice to act as a surrogate mother and not defend it.  I am so thankful for all that has transpired in the last 8 months.  Without it, I would be the same person...I wouldn't have grown as a woman, began school, met new friends andbeen united with old ones.  I wouldn't get to be fully myself and now I can do it all.  I am relishing tonight in my life-thanks for reading:)
PS-Finding out the genders on the 24th....


  1. Wow! What a story! Can't believe that if you were honest and upfront with everyone they would have a problem with you doing this!!! It's not like you are getting paid for this or anything! I also am a surrogate mother and my IP's are so thankful that as a Christian I was willing to do this for to show the love of Christ to an infertile Christian couple!!!

  2. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting! Did you find out the genders yet? I had no clue my surro-twins would come so soon - no signs of preterm labor at all - not even the hours before I was in labor! So I guess you never know :) So happy to see you are having a wonderful journey so far!! Oh, and I too had many people (including my Catholic grandma from Italy) who criticized my choice to be a surrogate. Stand tall - you ARE doing an amazing thing no matter what people say!