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Monday, August 15, 2011

Moving forward and Memory lane...

Just FYI, I did fly to LA for my medical screening last week.  This is the final step before I "match", for my second journey, and then it is off to meeting and contracts and transfers, O My!
 I am waiting for medical clearance and then I will know for sure how we are proceeding..It shouldn't be too much longer before I can fill you all in on my next steps.  I have already recieved a profile and I literally cannot wait to get this journey started.  This is really a very special part of the surrogacy for me...Looking at the profile, the pictures, the hopes and dreams of the intended parents..it is all so intimate, genuine and hopeful.  I literally want to jump right through my computer screen and say, "Hey, haven't you heard???  My uterus has a 100% success rate; let's get this party started!"  But hey not every hopeful parent wants to know me that well right up front:)))

In unrelated news, one year ago yesterday, I found out that I was carrying two babies...I remember not being shocked as I really knew all along they would both probably stick...I remember wondering "What will E & S think?  Will they be happy?  Nervous??" Today a year later I don't have to wonder at all.  I know they are elated with their new family and I am filled with and spewing over pride that I had a hand in it all.

 I love you "P" Family..and I think of you all the time:)))  No one could ever replace you all in my heart!

And because I am a huge sap, how about a stroll down memory lane...

I wonder which ones are L & M?
Where the Magic Happened

Um, duh!  Couldn't wait to make the call:)

2 babies!!!  EEEK!

13 weeks

The reveal...
Sweet Girl

Um,  yes...boy:)

28 weeks
Baby Day 

1 month old

It was all worth it...Aren't they delicious?

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  1. I am so very excited to follow along on your next journey. Love ya, girl!!