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Friday, March 12, 2010

Application, check. Records, check. LA, CHECK.

So, my journey began nearly 2 years ago. I was pregnant with our third baby, Halle, and a friend of mine unexpectedly lost her own little girl at 37 weeks. I was heartbroken as I raised our sweet daughter and watched her grieve for her own. A few months later I began to hear about surrogacy agencies. I filled out an application but because I lacked information I withdrew. Exactly one month ago yesterday I saw an advertisement online for "No Wait Surrogacy" and I knew this time I was informed and ready. I filled out my online application and within four days I received an e-mail saying I was approved. The next day I had a phone interview with Michelle (she is wonderful) and just like that I was on my way...All in one weeks time.

After our conversation it was up to me. I had to dig through my entire medical history and gather documents on any surgery, treatment or birth for pre-approval of Surrogacy insurance. I contacted all my physicians, signed release forms and waited. Within a week and a half I had all of the necessary documentation prepared and sent off. I was approved within a few days and Michelle and her team booked flights and a hotel for Shane and I to make our first trip out to LA.

What a whirlwind...While we were there I was psychologically screened by their professional and then I was sent to the Reproductive Specialist, Dr. Kolb. Everything was very straight forward...blood tests for Shane and I, a urine test from me and a trans vaginal Sono-gram to make sure these babies will take. That is where we are now. Waiting...

I am expecting to be fully cleared by the beginning of next week and have a profile of a couple in need in my inbox. Shane and I are thrilled and we both believe this is an amazing opportunity to show God's love to others. Until next week...

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