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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So much to say and so little time...

Well today is a big day.  We have signed our legal contract which makes me available to begin the medical part of this journey...I leave for LA again in 3 weeks.  I will meet my IP's face to face for the first time and be able to express all the love that I have for them and the hope that I feel beginning this process.  They are making a very long trip and they are putting their hopes and dreams on the line.  I am praying that everything will go as planned.

On another note, We are moving home to Amarillo.  We have been here in KS for 5 years and because of our desire to love a family through surrogacy, we are being asked to leave our Church.  I will be short as I tell you plainly my thoughts.  "God is good".  There is no law against love.  If there are any that say they have no sin they lie and the truth is not in them.  Our church body (with the exception of some dear friends) are  filled with hate toward homosexuals that they feel our even working alongside them is a sin.  Because they couldn't bear to see us love they are pushing us away.  I have felt anger and bitterness and sadness and abandonment but today God has delivered me.  Amen.  I have a peace that truly passes ALL of my own understanding and I have made the choice to forgive.  I will not waste even one more day thinking about the hurt I feel.  I will think about the love God feels for me.  I will not think about the betrayal I have felt but the betrayal Jesus felt and yet he died sinless for me.  I praise God that He has given me a heart that can embrace surrogacy.  He has given me compassion for a hurting and barren woman.  That is God's heart.  I now boldly walk in to this without fear.  He is with me.  He began a GOOD work in me and He is faithful to complete it....phew, that is alot.
Please stay tuned as there will be much excitement in the next month...Also pray for jobs for Shane and I...


  1. Bless you Missy! This brings me to tears...on so many levels. I have faith in your judgement with this surrogacy and support your reasons. Good luck! I hope that precious little angel baby that will be growing inside of you will be healthy and teach others of love. You will be missed. ~Emily

  2. I'm so sorry you have had to deal with such negativity. Wish more people had your ability to love in ways outside the box. What an amazing opportunity to share the Father's love. Praying for you.

  3. Hi hun , thanks for the blog comment :) Id be more than happy to talk to you about my emotions about the journey! Heres my email address.. les3elles@live.ca

  4. This seems so crazy to me, considering the Virgin Mary was the first Surrogate Mother ever. Unbelievable!

  5. I know Kelly..some people will not see beyond what thwy think they know. Oh well..I am following in great footsteps.