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Saturday, May 15, 2010

They flew all the way from Norway to see my little uterus:)


Shane and I flew to Cali on Wednesday to meet the IP's.  Let me tell you we were sooo nervous.  Here we were about to meet the family we had only seen in a photograph...What would they really look like?  How would we communicate?  What were their expectations of me?  Well let's you and me both sigh a great sigh of relief...ahhhh.  It was wonderful.  They were beautiful people.  Very stylish and learned.  The IM spoke perfect English while the ID only understood it.  We met at a quite little Pasadena restaurant and talked about all of our hopes and dreams for this surrogacy and for life in general.

Hearing about fertility trouble via e-mail is one thing, but sitting side by side with a woman who is virtually gripped with fear and doubt of another failed attempt is quite another.  I  tried to speak with such positivity and calm.  I assured her that we were all in and will do nothing short of seeing her with her dream in her arms.  It is a beautiful thing to watch a doubting and seemingly broken woman perk up and begin to anticipate the possibility of what lies ahead.  I for one and stoked.

So what is next???  Many of you have commented and messaged me about our next step in this surrogacy and I will tell you we could be getting VERY close to transfer.  I am on active pills of BC only and will begin hormones ASAP.  I have a wonderful doctor and he only uses oral steroids as well as suppositories.  Beats taking shots for the next 4 months.  The egg donor has been confirmed, screened and deemed ready to proceed.  I will update when anything begins to take place.  Thanks for reading and really supporting me.  There are so many that just have no idea of the pain of infertility and are so quick to pass judgment.  I am really hoping to shine a positive light on this issue and see that more families achieve their dreams of having a baby of their very own.  Love and baby dust.....



  1. I think what you are doing is beautiful!

    Welcome back to Texas!

  2. YAY! Im so happy your first meet went so great! You really can breathe that sigh of relief and really jump in full speed ahead! I cant wait to hear when your transfer day will be! Lucky girl!! You get to avoid those darn PIO shots!! My surrobaby is now 2 weeks old and I still have swelling in my hips from the shots! lol