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Friday, October 8, 2010

13.5 weeks

I went to my doctor visit yesterday and it was amazing.  I truly have the best doctor ever.  He is very caring and thoughtful, he laughs when I joke about myself and the interesting going ons of this pregnancy.  Pregnancy is so very different when you are carrying for someone else.  I just can't explain(though many have asked me to) how differently I feel about this pregnancy verses my own.  You may only know as you do it yourself and I hope some are inspired to get out there and do this...it is a very silent sadness these men and women bear alone and you may be the only person willing to step out there and make a difference for them.  It is a huge commitment I will say, but very rewarding....

So on to the beans...Yesterday was the first time I heard their little heartbeats.  I didn't get to see them this time but I am beginning to feel them which is even better.  The HB's were in the high 150-160's so it's anybodys guess what is growing on inside me.  I know there has to be at least one girl..I feel it;) I am scheduled for my next Dr.s appointment in two weeks and then a few days later I will have the genetic testing.  I am hoping that the blood wrk will be conclusive as it sometimes is not with twins (throws the numbers off).  If all looks good, the amnio will be averted but if there is any question...I shiver at the thought.  I have never had any genetic testing for my kids so I never had an amnio.  Because there are two sacs that means two sticks..with a huge needle...in. my. stomach...Fingers crossed we don't have to go there.

As for me I am doing well as I approach the end of my first trimester.  The kidney stone is dormant and the fatigue is beginning to weign a bit.  I am looking forward to an amzing fall.  This weekend we are heading to a big pumkin patch with the kiddies so it's official, Holiday season is upon us.  Before I know it it will be Valentine's day and I will be rolling instead of walking.  I can't wait.  The journey is fun but in the end is the great reward...Peace


  1. Was the egg donor over 35? The though of an Amnio scare me too.
    Glad to hear everything is going well.

  2. The donor is 28...I don't forsee any issues but when moms and dads have waited so long, you never know what they might want to do...

  3. Hi!
    Im having twins as well (24 wks) and I had to have an amnio! I seriously thought I would rather die! But, I survived, and so will you (but I hope you dont have to have one!) you can read my blog on my amino post if you want, or ask me any questions you might have.