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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bouncing Babies

We had an ultra sound and saw the babies bouncing all around.  I feel them now...not always but they are there moving and it is fascinating.  I am very tired but beginning to regain some energy.  Not much to update other than that.  They have feet and hands and look like babies now not peanuts or aliens.  I am gaining everyday and I'm wondering just how big these babies are going to be.  In just 2 months maybe less we will be able to see what sex they are.  I know my ip's are excited.  As for me, I feel okay.  It is getting harder for me to run and play with my kids but it is just temporary.  They know mommy is growing a family for two special people.  They are very understanding when I have to sit down in the middle of soccer or lay in their beds instead of play in their rooms...I am thankful for this experience and tell myself that no matter if my days are amazing or tough, I chose this for great reasons..I want to do this and I will regain my non hormonal, emotional self soon after delivery.  I am just wanting to enjoy every step and be honest with myself when things are a little bit tough...here is to making it to the 2nd trimester!!!  That is a big hurdle and I am so thankful we made it:)

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  1. Luckily your energy will return. You are doing great!!!! I'm at the end of my second journey (36 weeks with twins) and love reading about your beginning . . . it's taking me back :)