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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ok...Well, I am happy to say that these sweet peas have let up a little in the last day but wow have they been giving me a run for my money:)  I am crossing my fingers I just had a bug or something but I was plagued with constant heartburn and vomiting for the past week...All is well now with the exception of sleep.  Fortunately I have that to look forward to since I won't be waking up in the night to feed these precious ones:)))  I had a great Christmas/New Years.  We took our kids to an indoor water park in Dallas and I at 25 1/2 weeks sported a two piece.  Let me tell you I have never felt so important as literally ALL eyes were on me!  I have been getting such wonderful feedback from friends, family and strangers lately.  Almost everyone I talk to is very supportive of me and this surrogacy.  I do see the end in sight and have already begun to consider carrying again...shots, hormones...really???  Oh but creating life..That is the most beautiful and rewarding experience of all. 
These little ones are kicking and moving like crazy.  I feel huge but I know it could be much much worse.  They are both head down so my doctor says he's is almost certain of a vaginal delivery!  I could not be more thrilled.  This entire journey has gone so smoothly (with the exception of the kidney stones) I am so very thankful for all that I am learning.  To watch life from embies under a microscope become a baby boy and girl just weeks from arrival...I am truly blessed!!

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  1. You go, girlfriend, for rockin' a two-piece!!! =) And that's so amazing that you are almost guaranteed a vaginal delivery of twins. So cool!!