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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bed rest,,,Better attitude...

I must admit that the past 4 days have been very trying on me physically and emotionally.  Just this weekend I was cheering at my sons' basketball games and now it looks as though I won't be able to see another one this season.  I was admitted to the Labor and Delivery ward on Monday as my doctor saw all signs of pre-term labor.  I was contracting regularly (not painful) and I was dilated to a 3.5..YIKES.  I thought I would be monitored and released but I am going on day 5 and I'm still here...i was put on IV fluids and steroids to boost the babies' lungs in case they were delivered and also given very high doses of magnesium to slow down muscle contractions :ie stop this labor train.  Though I had heard many stories of friends being put to bed, I simply put the very notion out of my mind.  I had carried 3 babies full term how hard could this twins thing be???  I was wrong.  This pregnancy has a mind of its own.  I realized just today how selfish I was being...E & P have been waiting their whole lives to welcome these precious bundles into their family and I am whining about staying in a hospital bed.  The tiny amount of discomfort I am feeling pales in comparison to the agony of ongoing infertility and loss.  Once again, I was reminded of the fragility of this pregnancy and these lives.  These babies are going to make it...They are going to be amazing people and bring unending joy to their mommy and daddy...after this week and the weeks to come I want my heart to be screaming "It is worth it!"  It truly is.  I did not sign up for something that goes with the grain but against it...This was not well received it was ridiculed by many in the beginning and now look.  This journey has brought so many from all walks of life together as cheerleaders for a family they don't even know.  Party lines have been dropped and hope stands firmly in its place.  What a victory this has been.  Thank You all for following me and my journey.   Here is to holding on for a few more weeks:)


  1. You are doing great. We are here for you . . . but you know that ;)

  2. just wondering... you havent updated in over a month! how are you doing?

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