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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

School's Out For Summer...okay a week and a half:)

There are some things in life that just send me flying high...I mean like nothing can get me down kinda high!!!!  Childbirth is clearly one of them (or else I wouldn't have done it so many times) and completing a semester is another...with good grades:)  This has been my first year back in college since 1999...I completed a very difficult year while pregnant with twins...delivering twins...pumping...oh and taking care of my own 3 bundles of busyness:))  Amidst all the opposition I still managed to complete this year with a cumulative 3.7 GPA (Algebra brought me down a bit).  I am so thankful that I can now move beyond pre-requisite courses and into my specialized Nursing courses.  I am so thankful for the surrogacy and the babies because they inspired me to overcome obstacles and push myself beyond what I believed I was capable of achieving.  I cannot believe that in no time I will be a Nurse...Proof that it is never too late to follow your dreams!-


  1. That is a kick ass GPA for anyone . . . I think it's remarkable, especially since you delivered twins too!

  2. Good job - you deserve to "treat" yourself for that!!!

  3. You are such an inspiration!! You are truly a remarkable woman!!

    My dream has ALWAYS been to become a labor and delivery nurse. I always just thought my time has come and gone, and I will never get the chance to go back to school. One day soon, I will make this happen!!