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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Journey #2???

Many of you may not be able to believe this but I am leaving for LA next week to get journey number 2 underway.  This is simply a medical/psychological screening to make sure I and my hubby are REALLY sure we are ready to walk this road again.  I have always known I would do at least 2 surrogacies, I wanted the different experiences and I wanted to help create a family at least twice...well,, it's finally looking promising!  I will fly out and meet with the Growing Generations staff and meet with my Doctor again.  Once I am cleared (usually takes a week or two) I will be sent a profile...and if I like them and they like me we will meet and see if we're a match!  It feels like only yesterday that I first met E & S and yet feels like I have known them my whole life.  I am planning on carrying for two men this time and I am eager to see just how different this journey will be from my first.  No journey will ever replace my first one, just as having Linnea and Marius didn't replace my experiences with my own children.  Love is simply being multiplied and I get to be in the big fat middle of it...My heart is still beating just as strongly for couples (no matter their sexual orientation) who long to have a family...Fingers crossed I will get a clean bill of health and be ready to go by the end of August...EEEEEK:)

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