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Friday, December 30, 2011

Not pregnant:(

Gosh, this is really NOT what I was hoping for..I was hoping to update everyone that a baby bundle of joy would be snuggling up into his daddy's arms in 10 months but it's looking like more like 13 or 14 months now.  I got the news OFFICIALLY at around 5:30 yesterday but the truth is I have known for a while...I never got that feeling that it took.  I was devastated for T and immediately felt responsible.  Isn't that what we women do?  We take everything on ourselves..successes and failures.  We blame ourselves.  I cried but shortly after receiving the news I felt relief..no more pregnancy tests..no more wondering.  Now I knew..now T could get the ball rolling for try #2...This next time will work.  I know it.  So what now?
I stop all my meds and wait for AF:/  Everything else is really up to "T" and our medical team.  We have both spoken to our doctor and have been advised to proceed together but make a few changes this time.  I spoke with "T" tonight and I get the feeling that he is ready to go..even more ready than before.  I am hopeful that his baby is on the way.
I am going to get back to the gym...back to my life as usual with the kids and my sweet hubby..MY hubby!!!  It was our 10th wedding anniversary yesterday and we had an amazing night out!  Tomorrow is my son Brennan's 8th birthday.  The most wonderful little man to ever live turns 8...be still my heart! 
Thank you all for reading and following..thanks for your support...until next time-

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  1. You've got this . . . bring on a new egg donor and let's get this thing going!