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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well we have dates!

Hi to all of you out there in Surrogacy land:)  I have just a quick update to share.  This has indeed been a longer process than any of us anticipated...We would all like to think that with the miracle of reproductive medicine, a baby is just thought of, created, transferred and grown.  Wouldn't that be nice??  Unfortunately there tend to be just as many snags, hang ups bumps in the road and delays with assisted reproduction as with traditional efforts.  There are donors and doctors and surros and lining checks and our most recent "bump" schedules!  Many of you know that a new egg donor was chosen and screened shortly after our failed cycle in December.  Nearly 2 full months have passed and what we thought would certainly be a March transfer was being pushed farther and farther back.  First we waited for her...I rearranged my school and clinical schedule to accommodate and would you believe now it is my schedule we are trying to work around.  I know this is frustrating to my IF but I assure you the norm is surrogacy is delay...it is a very tricky process to arrange 4 different parties (donor, IF, surro and doctor) in different states with different lives...It is possible though and when it is that perfect time it is peaceful.  So this is where we are..we have the "all clear" but we are waiting for the surro-stars to align and give us that perfect baby-making window.   Thanks to those of you who encourage me in my life.  Thanks for the words of support you give as I care for my family, take on a challenging career and seek to make a man a dad.  It is possible to do all these things but it is not easy.  Nothing that brings reward is. I am choosing (inspite of circumstances) to be VERY optimistic in this surrogacy.  I believe that whether or not things "go according to plan" this journey is still very much moving forward.  I will not be stressed out or pressured as that is not good for my body or soul and certainly will not be a good environment for a baby bean.  I am open and excited and calm and ready...Here is to being one step closer (not 2 steps back).

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