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Friday, May 4, 2012

Good News!!

Hello to all my loyal readers..I've missed you so!  As many of you know (and some of you don't), I have been cycling (for a second time) with a single IF in LA.  We had our first transfer in December and we were unsuccessful.  We revamped some things.. made arrangements to have a new egg donor and hoped this go round would render a BFP (big fat positive).  My hubby and I have said since late March that we "just knew this felt better".  It was a better time.  My body had healed from the previous journey even longer and it was GO time.  I started with Lupron daily and was on that for nearly 5 weeks.  I was (am) also on Estrogen injections every 3 evenings and progesterone injections nightly...there is other protocol but I'll spare you that..(surro's know).  Shane and I headed to LA April, 18 and awaited the news of the transfer.  We got great news..This time the embies looked great and we were on for a 5 day transfer!  This was great as we were able to spend time with 'T" at the Getty Center.  We had a nice afternoon and evening getting reacquainted with our very special father-to-be:)  The next day and night Shane and I had some much needed ALONE TIME!  Surrogacy isn't always easy.  There are sacrifices a family must make occasionally but the transfer trip..that is a great perk.  We enjoyed Pasadena and all of the great shops and restaurants!  Here is me..the night before getting knocked-up:)

The next morning we woke up EARLY and headed over to the clinic with "T".  We were all very excited and ready to get started.  "T" decided with our doctor just how things should go down to give us the best shot at achieving pregnancy.  Once that decision was made, it was time to make the magic happen!!  Here are the little embies we were working with...

That day I rested as much as possible but I also enjoyed meeting some of "T's" friends again for dinner.  We headed home the next morning for the dreaded, the awful, the nearly UNBEARABLE two week wait.

Transfer was on Friday, but on Tuesday...

and by Wednesday I had......

and Wednesday night yet another and by  Thursday....

This one made it REAL!

Holy Moly, T is gonna be a daddy!!!!

SO in blogging fashion I will post my 3 weeks pregnant picture-

Watch this baby bump grow

 While on my trip I met to fellow surro sisters..couldn't leave these gals out.  Xo to you both Jo and Misti :-)

I have scary eyes but this is our only shot together.


  1. WOW, Congrats!! Early BFP. I didn't get one until 4.5dp5dt and it is twins. Did you transfer both embies?

  2. Congratulations to you and your IF! That is an early BFP! When's beta? Happy healthy 9 months!

  3. We did transfer more than one embryo..SO there is a chance I may be pregnant with more than one. Beta is on Wednesday morning...That's five more days and the test lines keep getting darker and darker...Both journeys have yielded a 4 day + and the first was twinsies...

  4. Congrats!!! Your three week bump inspires me to get to the gym. I wish my belly was that flat :D

  5. Kevin..Post a belly shot on your blog:))

  6. "You are absolutely ridiculous! I can not believe you are doing this to begin with much less for a gay man. It scares to me think what this poor child might think of you someday! It'
    s pretty obvious you are in this for the money and your children are the ones making the sacrifices. Oh this is so so sad!!

    1. Only a coward would post this anonomously.

    2. Hey Anonymous! Fuck off! Go hide back in your bible, no one cares what you think.

    3. Oh Anon, Anon, Anon. How sad for you to be so filled with hate.

      The lovely child will THANK Melissa for helping give him/her life. The child will not grow up around hateful bigots therefor he/she will not know the kind of hate that you've shown. Melissa is doing an amazing thing, and it's quite sad you have to hide your identity behind the ANON title instead of putting your name to your own words!

    4. Why would you follow (or even read) a blog about something if you weren't interested in what it was about?

      I am not Catholic, but I surely wouldn't go read a catholic person's preachy blog and bash them about it!

      To each his own. And even God doesn't judge until we're dead. "Anonymous" it's not your job to judge others! Shame on you and your hate!!!

    5. PS: Melissa is a GESTATIONAL carrier...you might want to look that up!

    6. Who are you to judge? Last time i checked there is only one perfect person in this world. A sin is a sin is a sin. I wish you knew what kind of money we make because it isn't that good considering what we put our bodies through. Months of shots, the emotional toll and then being pregnant all that time. Not everything is about money its about the gift of life. I would much rather carry a baby for a gay couple who will love and care for a child than a person who can have the child and doesn't take care of it. You should be ashamed of yourself and your narrow minded cowardness.

    7. Jennifer NorrisMay 9, 2012 at 9:11 PM

      Melissa is a great person and it shows... by what she says and does. People like Anon are miserable and full of hate. It shows because of comments like these.

      Congrats Melissa, to you and your IF's, my love follows you on your journey.

    8. I am Melissa's husband. I find what you have said to be the only ridiculous thing going on here. You obviously do not know our situation. You do not know her heart to help people, nor do you know our kids. They are thriving and think it is wonderful. What you have said is based on things you know nothing about. I hope you understand that what you have said says a whole lot about who you are, and nothing about who Melissa is.

      My main beef with you is that you are to cowardly to own your comments. Is it not wrong to belittle someone and act in a cowardly manner? How can you say one thing is wrong, but not own your own issues? No sins are greater than the other; oh besides the fact that the whole idea of sin is stupid in the first place. Just trying to relate to your warped sense of judgment on right and wrongs. Deal with your own problems and let people you truly care about others continue to help people unimpeded by small-minded bigots like yourself!

      Shane Bowyer (Proud husband of Melissa)

  7. Hey Anonymous. I have no real words that could comfort you as you are clearly misguided and ill...I'll just say that it is a great honor that I can bear a child. I am healthy and young and I am offering my body and my family willingly to "T" so that he might experience, along with his family, the joy of loving and nurturing a child. You are right..I am doing this for the money..Because the small amount I am paid really makes this all worth while. Whoever you are, it is clear that you do what you do with ill motives and project those same motives onto me. You are wildly mistaken, unkind and a bigot. Please feel free to continue to read my money hungry journey and learn that life is about living and giving and not taking. My children are learning this.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. WOW to anon... you shouldn't be allowed to comment and "hide" behind being anonymous...I feel sorry for her kids, growing up in a household full of hate towards others. I really hope they realize how wrong their mom is later and aren't the same as her!

    Melissa...you rock :) Ignore ignorant people filled with hate and keep being you! ♥

  10. Stay focused on what you know, which is that you are doing a GREAT thing! My close friend is a surrogate, and it has been a great loving and learning experience for her whole family.

  11. Hey Melissa.....Congratulations.....! we know (and Love) "T" and he is going to be an AMAZING Dad....Thank you for doing this for him.

    Dear Anon......Gays are having children....get over it.... We are here to stay and, as all the legitimate studies have shown, we make GREAT parents!

    visit us over at
    maybe you will learn a thing or two about our Love, Life and Surrogacy.

    Bravo Melissa!

  12. I am proud of you! You are doing an great thing! It is something that I can only wish to do myself! The gift of life is something that my heart desires so much it makes me cry just to think of it. I think it is great that you are giving someone something so special and giving of yourself to do it. I love you!
    Bonita R

  13. Fear is an amazing thing... I was enjoying the comments and came upon the 'hater'... As a parent of a gay son who is now going through the process of surrogacy with an awesome surrogate, it really hurt my feelings to read the ignorance of such a person... But again, it goes back to the 'fear' word... Fear can turn the nicest people into blithering idiots!

    I am sad for these people... They are so busy judging others that they miss the opportunity to share in this wonderful gift of life that the surrogate so lovingly gives to another human being... (and believe me, when my own son said his surrogate was willing to have twins for them, I told him that she must be the most remarkable woman to put that kind of stress on her body!)

    Kuddo's to the women who are willing to sacrifice and to give life and love to those who are not able to...