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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In my head I hear her cheering...

So you all know that sweet little basketball cheer "2, 2 we want 2. clap, clap, clap, clap, clap..."???  This seems to be the theme song playing in my mind daily.  Halle cheered this all winter and it is funny that her little squeaky voice sings to me even in my dreams.  Well we've all had a sort of "gut feeling" about what (who) is baking in this oven of mine..the numbers were taunting us all but we had to wait for the ultrasound to confirm our suspicions.

Thursday morning I woke up early (and eager) to get a peek inside.  I was wrought with mixed emotions because I knew what T was hoping for...one healthy bouncing baby, but I was feeling nearly certain there were 2...I have done this before, lol.  I hadn't spoken with T for a while so I wasn't sure what he was feeling or thinking...wanting...I hopped up on that all too familiar table and took a cleansing breath as the technician began.  Only a half a breath passed before she looked at me and said well there THEY are..2 sacs both with embryos thriving.  Not like I was surprised but wow, my breath was gone.  I felt panic, (sorry T) elation (because T is going to have a small litter), pride in my uterus for doing her job once again and most of all relief...ahhhh not 1 but "2, 2 we want 2" healthy babies!!

Wanna see 'em???
Again, the cheering:-)

Little tadpole

First photo
I sent these pictures to T and he passed them along to his, and I am not exaggerating, AMAZING family!  Seriously, these folks know how to make a girl feel loved.  I have not even met T's momma but she sends me little emails of support and I am in tears.  T's sis just makes me feel happy because every note begins with YIIIPPPPPEEEEE:-)  These little babies are already so adored!

So today I am 7 weeks 2 days with twins and so far my symptoms are mild.  A little nausea (ok, alot) early in the morning and in the evenings and fatigue pretty much all day.  I'll take it!  I see exhaustion as a good sign.  It's no little task growing 2 people!!

Super Cute alert***  T is looking at minivns.  My heart is bursting!  That IS love.  Stay tuned, I have my second ultrasound this Thursday and we will see growth and even stronger heartbeats.

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  1. Yay for two healthy babies!!! :)

    Mini-vans!? TOO CUTE! I love it~