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Thursday, June 28, 2012


So, I am absolutely the WORST blogger ever!  I think about blogging and then I think "hey, I could blog or eat...", clearly the latter wins and then before I know it, I'm in a food coma and falling fast asleep while watching Nickelodeon with the kids.

Seriously, I am sorry for being so quiet about the journey lately.  Truth is, Shane is in a 16 week training course for his new job and that pulls him away around 6:00a and keeps him away until around 6:00-6:30p. I am taking a summer Microbiology class (not good to study worms and parasites while fighting morning sickness) and my days are pretty full.  My boys were in Virginia with their grandparents for two weeks and returned just last week.  Note to self-2 weeks = 2 long!

Onto the babies.
I am still surprised every time I see them on screen.  I cannot believe our good fortune.  These little honies are growing perfectly!  I mean they are completely formed with hands and feet, eyes and ears, and now belly-buttons (the placenta is now providing hormones and nutrients directly to them).

I have had two ultrasounds since I last posted and boy have they grown...

9 weeks 4 days (2 weeks ago)

Baby "A"

"A" again

Cuddle bugs

Baby "B"

11 Weeks 4 days (Today)

Don't beat yourself up...I couldn't see it either..feet!

Baby "A"

Already just alike:-)

"B's" feet, how sweet.

Aren't they GORGEOUS???  Heartrates are at 166 and 168..Anyone want to place bets on what the genders will be???

So the babies aren't the only ones growing.  My uterus (a veteran now) has decided she will not be upstaged...
11 Weeks 3 days (yesterday)

While some of you may be thinking "awwww, how cute".  I assure you the kids at the pool point and stare.  My belly button is already more of an "outie" than it used to be and a bikini may just not be the way to go anymore:-)

Finally, I saw my OB for the first time today ( 2 appointments in one day..these babies are getting lots of attention) and he and his nursing and office staff were so glad to see me back.  They are on board a hundred percent and can't wait to watch this very special journey unfold.  I am now off all medication and am carrying this pregnancy on my own...NO more shots.  NO more suppositories.  This is a very rewarding day!

"T", we made it!  We are 3 days away from the 2nd trimester!!!  I get teary as I remember late December.  I was crushed we were not pregnant...but now I celebrate because these sweet babies knew what you and I didn't.  They knew they wanted you to be their daddy.  We just had to be patient.  I am giddy when I talk about this journey.  I couldn't stop smiling today as I encouraged a friend to look into surrogacy. "T" and "C" and "C" and "M" you are all so wonderful!  I cannot wait to see your eyes light up when you feel these twinlets kick you in August.  Xo until then--


  1. Beautiful little babies!! And seriously, how cute are you??

    Congrats for being off meds!! That's always a cause for celebration (but we'll both have to hold off on a celebratory beverage, I guess....) LOL!

  2. Thank you! Yes just 7 more months and I'll be ringing in the new year with a glass or 3 of well deserved champagne;-). Loving this time very much!

  3. Thank you! Yes just 7 more months and I'll be ringing in the new year with a glass or 3 of well deserved champagne;-). Loving this time very much!

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