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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Still Pregnant just less busy...finally!

Hi to all out there in the blogisphere...I hope you haven't given up on me.  Remember my last post I said I was beginning to feel flutters??  That was then...This is now.  Here is a look at the last 24 weeks--

Today 34 weeks and 4 days

Other than my ever expanding belly much has taken place this surrogacy.  I cannot believe how perfect a journey this has been.  No really!  Other than a little morning sickness early on, this has been an uneventful pregnancy.  I have been in school full time since the summer.  I've managed 3 nursing classes.  2 clinical rotations. 6 big exams and a family.  I was very afraid my grades would suffer and I would potentially go into pre-term labor due to the physical and mental stress.  Instead I maintained my 4.0 AND (the best part) I'm still pregnant.

T was able to come and visit around 20 weeks and we found out that he is expecting a boy and a girl!!  I loved meeting his mom and introducing them to my family and close friends.  We have had great communication throughout this journey and for that I am so thankful.  This past weekend, 34 weeks, T came out again and stayed with Shane and I in our home.  He was able to see who we are and how we live our lives.  We were able to watch him with our kids and see just how much of a natural father he is.  We spent the weekend just talking and doing skits (with the kids) and eating and wondering just when these babies will make their grand appearance.  It was a memorable weekend that none of us will soon forget.

Right now:

Babies are 5-5.5lbs
Me: I'm not telling:-)
 Little girl (baby A) is head down and moving all the time.  She gets the hiccups the most and loves to poke me in the hips and kick me in the ribs...She is gentle and I'll bet she is a delicate little cherub,

Little boy (baby B) is also head down and moving all the time.  He is the roller and pusher.  He pushes his knees into my sternum letting me know he'd like a little more room:-)  He is always poking his sister in the belly/face on our ultrasounds.

I am LOVING seeing my belly stick out...I love how they kick and squirm.  It's like having a house guest (or 2) all the time.

I am 34 weeks and 4 days and treading lightly...Linnea and Marius decided to some out on this very day...I am thankful they did so well but I am also nervous as I do not want to deliver so prematurely and see these babies go to the NICU.  So I am planning to take it easy (VERY easy), drink lots of water and try not to think about anything but the holidays, my kids and hubby and all the joy that surrounds me this season.

I am THE happiest I have ever been.  The most grateful surrogate because I have had two incredible (and different) experiences with the most deserving families on earth.  I feel so calm and settled compared to two years ago.  I feel prepared to bring this part of my life to an end and I am eager to see what is in store.  Thank you all for your support and kind words to me and my family.  It is my hope that maybe just 1 other woman will be moved by my two stories and decide to give the gift of surrogacy.

Here is to the next big milestone 36 weeks...I'll keep you posted (at least I hope to)...



  1. Congratulations Melissa!
    we can't wait for T to bring those babies home...he has lot's of support here.

  2. Yay! You are SO BIG! Crossing fingers for babies to stay in!