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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This is goodbye (for now)

Going to take a little break from this blog for a while.  Time to re-group and focus on some areas in my life that have been neglected...like exercising, my other blog and school (starts Tuesday).

While I have very much enjoyed living my life for the world to see, it is time (for a season) to live a bit more privately.  Hope to update with pictures of both sets of twins as they come!!

Much of what I have written has been transformative for me.  I have grown deeply, loved much and learned many lessons about life, love, friendship, beginnings and ends.  I hope one day to come back to this blog and compile it into a book or surrogacy memoir.  For now, I need time away in hopes that when I return to it, it will be vibrant and new.

Love to all who have read for the past 3 years-


  1. Melissa, I am a first time surrogate, pregnant with twins. I have read your entire blog here and have thoroughly enjoyed your honesty and your insight. Thank you for sharing, I just wanted you to know that it meant something to me.

  2. Thank you Jen!! Best wishes to you as you continue on in your pregnancy! I know you are going to feel such joy as you deliver these babies to their parents!

  3. Thank you Jen!! Best wishes to you as you continue on in your pregnancy! I know you are going to feel such joy as you deliver these babies to their parents!

  4. Hi Melissa, I just finished reading C&C's birth story and much of your blog. I am a friend of "Aunt C", T's sister. You are a truly amazing, wonderful woman. An inspiration! We share similar beliefs, but I have to say that, living in LA, I'm surrounded by like-minded individuals. You're doing all the hard work by having and living the same beliefs in the Bible Belt! Sending love, joy & strength to you and your beautiful family! Can't wait to meet those beautiful babies!

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  7. Hello Melissa,

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