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Saturday, August 14, 2010

A little scre..trip to the ER and...(read below for exciting news)


I woke up this morning stressed due to one of my friends battle with cancer.  I have been uncomfortable and not sleeping well at all...then today around 11:30 am, i went to the lu and there before me was bright pink spotting...i was (am) cramping and I freaked...I just knew something was wrong.

Shane took me to the ER and after a whole day of crying, waiting and checking for more spotting the doc finally came in.  Everyone was asking "when was your last period???  Your how far along??/  "I;m a surrogate, My period was like 4 months ago...the transfer was the 25th.....they were all really supportive and hopeful that things were progressing and this was a normal bump in the road...I had some blood drawn and then the ultrasound lady came in...Finally, I would know...I held my breath hoping to hear "everythings fine" ( I forgot I was waiting to see how many beans were inside), when she said....Look, there THEY are...2 perfect little babies!!!! 

I turned to Shane, "See, I told you...then to the tech, "I knew it all along, I have said it from the beginning there were two".  She smiled and I cried as I thought of the birth to come...E(my IM) will be so happy to have her arms full and her heart overflowing on that day...

So as of this moment I a relieved.  I a joyful and blessed to get to take two little love bugs through this first journey of life and place them into their loving mommy and daddy's arms. 

Two 2 love:)  Oh my..

On a side note, I am taking donations of bio-oil and coca butter...


  1. YAY!! Sorry you had a scare.. but very normal..especially with twins! OMG Twins! So happy for you and your IPs! xoxo
    LOL @ your call for donations! Nothing worked for my belly.. surrobabe left her marks! ;)

  2. Yay! congrats it TWINS!!!! so happy for your IPs! I hope you wont have another scare, those are no fun!