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Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh...It was Kidney Stones!!!

Holy cow, I am growing weary of the unexpected...It turns out that all of the cramping and light bleeding weeks ago was not from the babies after all...well not directly:)  I have had Kidney stones for the last 3 1/2 weeks that have caused major discomfort that I mistakenly associated to the uterus.  This past wednesday, during class, I felt extremely faint and sick.  I left class and headed to the E.R. I told them I had kidney pain and was miserable and they believed me.  They did a urine test and found alot of red blood cells and they followed up with an ultra-sound of the kidney and bladder...They saw two stones in the kidney and believed there was a large stone in the ureter.  The docs were unsure as to how to proceed because I am so newly pregnant.  They put me on fluids overnight and decided to do surgery after a while.  The procedure revealed a large stone that had to be laser blasted and removed from the tube.  All I can say is ouch!!!  OUch, ouch, ouch!  A stent was placed and I am on pain meds to help aleviate the bladder apsms and pain in the Kidney. 

The babies were monitored throughout and so far they are unscathed by the whole thing.  I have another ultra sound tomorrow, if I can make it.  Stones may be small but thyey are mighty!  I feel worse now than after delivery.  I am crossing my fingers that the stent will be removed and the other stones will pass...I'll let you all know what I find out tomorrow...These sweeties are now 9 weeks.  Times is flying and in no time they'll be flying...on a plane...Home:)

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