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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's my Due Date...

Today is my due date...the day these little ones should have made their arrival but they are over 5 weeks old now!!!  I cannot believe how time has flown by.  My days are so busy with school and soccer that I hardly have time to think of the babies at all..and when I do I am MUCH better!!!  Time really does have the power to heal.  I am officially my pre-pregnancy weight and shape..I feel great and have so much energy!  I am so thankful for what this experience has taught me and for the wonderful family I was able to meet and help create...I have been leaning towards doing another surrogacy but part of me feels like I have done exactly what i had hoped to do..I had the most amazing IP's and carried Marius and Linnea who were absolute perfection and I feel that I would be cheating on them to carry other children.  I know that may be a weird sentiment but I really may not do this again.  I believe my mourning is over...I call that a success.  Thank you all for following me on this journey.  I will post more as updates come in...I am hoping to have many pictures of the happiest family to show off to you.  Much love and baby dust to all of you who are hoping and praying for a family...

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