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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Posting for postings sake:)

I actually have nothing to say..Shocked?  Well, let me rephrase that..I have nothing bad to say.  I was walking around today just smiling.  The hard part seems to have passed and I am on top of the world!  I did very well on a major anatomy and physiology exam today and for that I am relieved; also my oldest child, Brennan, informed me that he has a crush on a sweet girl at school..her name is Darby.  Holy cow, my life just flashed before my eyes...He is a remarkable boy and I am thankful that he is the one helping to pave the way for me in this world of parenting.  He is teaching me how to be calm and relaxed..how to not get overly worked up about things like GIRLFRIENDS!!! 
I had my 6 week postpartum check up yesterday and everything seems to be back to normal.  Shane wasn't able to come with me so I called him as I was leaving and asked him to sit down...I told him the doctor was curious as to what we had been up to the last few weeks...I could tell he was getting nervous and then I said "Honey, he told me my urine test came back with results indicating pregnancy...Shane, we are going to have another baby.."  Shane was extremely quiet and then he muttered-'Oh no."..I let him sit in agony for a few uncomfortable minutes before I broke the silence with "Shane, I'm kidding!"  Oh the joys of being married..that joke just never gets old to me:))  He was less than pleased as he said it took him a good hour to regain his breath and composure:)  Good times.
I have talked to E via text and e-mail and just recently received pictures of Mari-Moo and Linnie-Lou (that's what I call them, sorry E and S) they look just about the same only I can tell they are gaining weight and that they are loved very much( they are being held in all of the pictures:))  Their 7 week birthday is fast approaching (Saturday) and this Monday marks three weeks since they departed for Norway.  This is the first time I have written about this without tears...I feel so amazing. 
Shane and I had dinner with a couple last night who is interested in being a surrogate...They both wanted to know how our experience had been..the good, the bad and the GREAT!  As I sat re-telling my story to them, I was hard pressed to find any bad...Even the sad times are recalled as good by me...I can't believe it.  The hospital stays, they Kidney stones, the nausea and fatigue...ALL GOOD!  It is amazing how the mind can compartmentalize experiences and somehow nothing seems as bad as when you were going through it.  I hope for the world of hopeful parents, that this couple does choose to enter into the world that is so remarkably wonderful, the world of surrogacy!
E & S, Marius and Linnea- I love you so much and miss you every day...Happy Easter little bunnies:)

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