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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2 weeks already?

SO, I have been on meds for 2 whole weeks now!  Time is really flying and we are inching ever so close to baby day.  I am so amazingly calm this go round and I am liking it.  In the last two weeks we have moved into our new (lovely) home and moved my dad out of his home.  We have celebrated Hudson's 6th birthday, had Thanksgiving and I have taken one Nursing final.  Despite all that busyness, I feel fantastic.  Yes there have been moments where I thought this was too much to handle at one time but then..We made it through and we are happy and comfortable and safe and well fed and really, I have nothing to complain about!

Update on the Lupron...I haven't noticed it.  I am shocked as I was expecting something from a horror film but other than the occasional heat stroke, I have been exactly the same as usual.  I actually feel better than usual and I attribute that to school nearing an end and the supplemental estrogen.

I had my 3rd (next to last) ultra-sound today and as expected, my endometrium is beautiful.  In less than 2 weeks I will be in LA and hopefully one sweet baby bean will decide to thrive and choose my body as a temporary living arrangement : )  I have had so many surrogate friends get pregnant this month alone...I am hoping for the same success this go round.  Let the countdown begin...Peace

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