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Monday, November 14, 2011

Lupron Video Update

Well, This will certainly not be my most glamorous or put together post but it is a chance for you to see me in action...doing what I love to do.  If you are new, welcome to my world.  This blog is devoted to those who are involved in surrogacy, be it the surrogate or the IP's, and to those interested in watching miracles happen..literally step by step before your eyes.  This is an up close and personal look at exactly what it takes (on the surrogates part) to help create a family and change lives!

I have heard from many of my surro-friends that this is the drug that will make your head spin right off of your head....the "Bitch" medicine.  I personally don't remember this from last time but as I have said before I don't recall feeling pain in labor so "Shane, hang on and we'll just see".  I will be taking this medicine for at least two weeks and then I'll begin other meds that I may or may not choose to video:)  I hope you all are ready for a great ride.  T-minus 30 days till California!!!

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