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Thursday, November 10, 2011


I can't believe I was able to wait two WHOLE days to post the big news but,

We are officially moving forward and the projected transfer of surrobaby (2nd edition) is December 14th!!!!

Hold your applause until the end because it gets EVEN better....

If this transfer is successful, "T" will get the news  (officially) on Christmas eve and the baby's due date would fall on "T's" birthday...

Okay, now you can applaud:))

I am over the moon with excitement and panic has begun to set in...What do I need to squeeze in this month??    Do I take a vacation??  By Christmas I will be "with child"..or children...Oh gosh, I nearly passed out:))

I and my family are completely ready to give ourselves to this process again.  Injections are one their way and should be in my mail today or tomorrow.  I have my first (of many) uterine ultrasound scheduled for THIS Monday and am scheduled to start the infamous Lupron.  EEEEK!

I am ready to get this baby maker back in business...the family making business.  Is there any one on earth as fulfilled as me?

Stay tuned as updates will be coming.
On another note, my sweet precious love bug Hudson turned a whopping 6 yesterday.  Here is a shout out to the happiest and most adored little boy ever!!  Mommy loves you Za Za bear :-)

Love...Love...LOVE xoxo