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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don't give up..we're still moving forward...

Hey all...I have noticed many of you check back regularly to see any progress in this journey and I just want to assure you that though there is no news to report, things are in fact moving forward.  This phase (the contract phase) can get quite long.  The lawyers for both 'T' and myself are working daily to draft a contract that most effectively communicates our desires and protects us all as we journey on.  I am surprising myself because I am not anxious in the least.  I am thankful  for school and children as they keep me quite occupied during this waiting period.  I have also begun a new workout routine and I am determined to tone up my body before I get pregnant again...the twinsies have left their mark:))

I have been reminded several times lately just how difficult this process can be for both surrogate and intended parents.  I have had two precious surro-friends, with huge hearts set on helping make a family, become pregnant only to lose.  This is a devastating blow to the parents who have invested their hearts and souls in this process and it is crushing to the surrogate who is tempted to feel like a failure.  Surrogacy is wonderful and beautiful and for some very glamorous, but there are those whose dreams have still not been realized and they have reached the end of their journey to parenthood.

Surrogacy is becoming more and more popular these days and is a head turning topic in nearly every conversation or circle.  I am glad that medicine is advancing and people are following suit but let's not forget most people do not enter surrogacy for the glamour of it all..most have tried and failed at every other option.  Men who thought they may never realize the dream of biological fatherhood entrust the life of their unborn child to a stranger.  This is such a unique path to take for both IP and surrogate and I am truly thankful to be a part of this newly cut path...

A sign that things are close...I am growing in confidence daily that this transfer will work..the first time.  I believe there is much to be said about being optimistic and relaxed when approaching a med start and transfer.  I am hoping to hear news from our Dr. that the egg donor is ready to go and then I can begin.

For now, I will pick up my kids and swing with them in the park..All too soon it will be Dr. appointments and baby belly...Until a real update,


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  1. I would be honored to be on this journey along side with you. I hope that our surrogacy paths align somehow and that I can we can experience all the pregnancy fun together. xoxo Love ya, Babe!!