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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Skyping and Legally retained

Well first I want to start by saying thanks to sweet E for Skyping with me today.  You have the most precious babies and to me they look angelic...I know you must be tired at times but wow, you are doing an amazing job.  You were so patient with them today as they wiggled and moved and fussed.  I am always so happy to see you thriving as a mom.  You are great at it.  I felt elated (as I always do when I receive updates) when I hung up the skype-phone...there before my eyes were two little pieces of perfection and though they are miles away, they were in my living room!  Love, love, love how well you all seem to be doing:))

Another update for you all is that I am now legally retained by an attorney's office in LA.  This just means that Contracts can officially begin and meds can start soon.  We are now just waiting on the egg donor..Everything from now until transfer will rely on her.. I am hopeful that she will be just exactly what 'T' is looking for and will be available for a cycle very soon.  Once that is all worked out, I can begin meds to make a nice comfy home for a special baby.  This is all kind of new for me.  During the first journey, I didn't speak to my IP's about where they were in the "process" and just this week I got to speak to "T" again. He is SO cute about the whole thing..VERY enthusiastic to get things moving!

I will update when I can but for now please send out some good vibes for the egg donor...Fingers crossed for a Transfer and positive pregnancy before the end of this year:)


  1. Melissa, we are good friends of "T" and are looking forward to following your journey with him. He will be an amazing dad and we thank you for making that happen for him. God Bless You.

  2. Yay!! Thanks for commenting:)) I am very humbled to be in this position of surrogate once again...He is so very deserving!