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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No news is well...no news:)

I have no news to report to you other than I get to talk to T tomorrow..this will be the first time in about a week and a half and my heart is racing, only this time with excitement.  It is similar to getting to talk to a newly discovered friend...you know, you meet and talk forever but that one time just wasn't enough and that is surely true for me. Shane and I had only a few hours with T and much of that was with a third party...When he left us at the airport we both felt like we had so much more we wanted to say and discover...I'm walking away like "hey next time I see you I'll be getting pregnant with your baby..bye"  I wish the distance wasn't so great between us and we could have a more natural "getting to know you phase" but this is the journey we have chosen...I for one have a fire under me and I am ready to go!!

Tomorrow we get to talk about "the next steps" in this surrogacy and that should be fun seeing that this process is one of my favorite topics.

On a different note: Nursing school is going well.  So far I have A's on everything and I am right where I want to be.  Surprisingly, I am not a fan of my composition class..I want to just ask my prof to check out my blogs, I mean I write for fun not for critical review.

I hope everyone is doing very well...hopefully more news will be coming soon!


1 comment:

  1. What a great update! So glad you had such a great in person meeting and here's hoping to lots more contact and a beautiful relationship that develops in the coming months! :)