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Friday, July 30, 2010

6 days down 7 to go...

Well as you know This past Sunday I had my Embryo Transfer and things went very smoothly.  The Dr. said it was so easy and he fully expects a "Positive" outcome.  I have been so careful this week but today I finally feel like just letting go and resuming my normal life.  It has been all consuming for me but today I am deciding to let nature take it's natural course and let this baby do what it will. 

I have been told on several occasions what a lovely uterus and endometrium I have so my question is who wouldn't want to live there????  I am believing that he/she has grabbed hold and is rapidly groeing and I will feeling the pangs of pregnancy soon...

As of today I have felt a little woosy and mainly tired with sore swolen breasts...I would know because I have virtually nothing!!!  I am hoping these are signs of the changes (however small) taking place within.

Thank you for those that support me with your kind words and comments bith here and in 'Real Life":)
One week from today I will know and E & S will have their lives changed forever.  The mere thought of  telling them brings tears to my eyes.  I walked through the infant section today thinking how great it will feel for E & S to walk down that aisle with good tears instead of painful ones..with hope and joy instead of sadness and emptiness..

No matter what I am so glad I chose to do this..My heart is abounding in love for 3 (maybe 4) people I don't even know.  Isn't that the point of life..To love not hate...To give unselfishly..To help and not harm...

Just reflections during my 2ww (not 2world war...2 week wait)..I didn't know either.  Oh and if ever i use "POAS" that means pee on a stick..so many things i'm learning...

Baby Dust to me and all the others trying to conceive through assisted Reproduction..What a journey.

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