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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Transfer

Well if you have been following my blog you are aware that I am in LA fot the transfer...Here is what happened:

I came to LA yesterday walked all over Pasadena (Beautiful by the way) and rested for the big day ahead.....that is still ahead.

I walked about 8 blocks to HRC (my dr's office)...sat half naked in his sterile chair and listed to his quite diverse musical selections on his ipod...in came the embryologist (he makes the babies) to give me a picture of the cute little things.  You know the Charlie Brown show the scribbles that came up when linus talked???That is what the embryos look like this morning...

Back to the point::  Next came my Dr to ask me how many we were transfering...HELLO!!!!!  We mighta should maybe already asked that question...og the PARENTS..  Doesn't he remember I am not the Momma!  Just letting these sweeties cook.  So the calling began and all involved have decided to transfer 2 Blastocysts (that is 3 days more advanced embryos) on Sunday morning.  By then our percentages of achieving a pregnancy go way way up. 

For me and for them it is worth the wait.  I want this to take and have a great outcome for these sweet parents.  They have waited so long to take such a gamble.

While I was initially frustrated, my dissapointment quickly dissapated as I looked around at beautiful Pasadena.  At about 9:15 this morning instead of heading to bed rest I headed to an out door area called Paseo Colorado.  The wather was a sunny 80 degrees and I was so eager for a stroll down fashion and eclectic eatery row.  I have a beautiful day planned at the beach tomorrow, sad I know, and then should be fully ready to receive these wonderful lives.  I am believing that this was all part of the plan.  I was so nervos and tired but after today and tomorrow, I will be calm and ready.  I am already so in love with the idea of this baby(ies),,,I cried looking at their picture.  They are people...God has a plan for whatever life may come forth...He is orchestrating this for His Glory..In time we will know.

So for now thanks for reading,  Thanks for your comments, they mean alot.  Fingers crossed that on Sunday a life will begin...

baby dust:)


  1. Oh what a great update! Thanks for the FB add! I am so happy to be following your journey! I remember all these emotions all so well!! I will be thinking of you Sunday and sending you some sticky dust!! xo

  2. So happy for you. I feel its going to be better to wait until Sun. because like you said they have a much better chance of sticking. I will be thinking of you on sun. and I am sending you sticky thoughts!