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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Positive(ly) Pregnant!!!

Well i did not expect to be posting this news so soon but...I am Pregnant.  I woke up this morning with this feeling..You who have been pregnant know the one..I just felt that if I took the test it would be 100% accurate.  So me and my very full of concentrated hcg urine bladder, went downstairs to POAS:) Literally in seconds there were two lines.  My eyes filled with tears .  I was still sleepy so I rubbed my eyes and looked again and it was darker.  There it was the plus sign that will make dreams come true!

I called Shane and then my mom, of course..I was screaming "They're gonna have their baby...We did it..I'm Pregnant".  Shane was so excited as was my mom...She was relieved it was good news since it was just 8 am.  I made some breakfast, kissed my kids with the biggest sense appreceation for their lives, and called Norways expectant parents to give them to good news.

There is a smidge of a language barrier but "I'm Pregnant, You're gonna be a Mommy" came through loud and clear.  She sighed a relieving sigh almost to say, finally...and then she squealled as she hollered to her husband in the yard. 

So far this is the most amazing day in a long time.  So gratifying.  So beautiful.  We did it..Here's to growing this into a big, beautiful baby:) 

On a side note:  It is kind of early to get a Positive test, hoping there aren't quintuplets in there...Seriously:)))

Kisses to the little peanut..


  1. Yay!!! I am so happy for you sweet girl!!! God is blessing big time!! Love you :0)

  2. So happy for you! I had my first positive home pregnancy test for surrobaby on the night of 6dp3dt! My hubby confirmed the second line on the morning of 7dp3dt! :) Amazing feeling indeed!
    PS: I just had one bean growing in there! ;)
    Its the Beta number I am interested in knowing ! That will give a better idea of how many babies you got cookin'! YAY!


  3. i was tearing up reading your last two posts. How many days today are you post transfer? I was 3dpt and got a positive, and I am carrying twins!!! I wish you luck for your beta!

  4. Today is a week..I got my first two positives yesterday (one first pee, 2nd late night) and my 3rd this afternoon...Beta is Friday. I am so glad I didn't have two agonizing weeks to wait..